Transporting heavy loads quickly and safely

Crane systems are used whenever heavy loads need to be moved.  Slewing cranes ensure that all kinds of general cargo can be easily and quickly lifted, gently transported and precisely set down, for instance, on machine tools and in assembly areas or in outdoor storage areas and loading bays. At the same time, they can be installed in virtually any location for loads of between 80 and 10,000 kg. Single and double rail suspension crane systems ensure straight-line overhead transportation for loads of up to 3,000 kg and are extremely flexible thanks to their modular design.

With SCHULZ Crane Systems we have developed and installed a system for one of our automotive customers, which can be used to quickly transport and dispose of faulty hybrid batteries in case of emergency. This makes work much easier and the process much more effective, as it is simpler, quicker and safer. It only took us a few weeks to complete the process, from finding the solution to project planning, documentation, assembly, commissioning and acceptance by a crane expert.

Speziell für die Automotive-Branche entwickelt, um im Notfall defekte Hybridbatterien zu bewegen.

Specifically developed for the automotive industry to move faulty hybrid batteries in case of emergency.