A fast charging station for electric cars in Wallenhorst

Just a quick charge – a key requirement on the road to electric mobility. We have recently installed a fast-charging station at our site in Wallenhorst, where employees, visitors and the general public can charge their electric vehicles. The electric charging station has a charging power of 150 kW. However, since our mains supply there only has a 110 kW back-up and a grid expansion with a new medium voltage transformer would have cost a huge amount of money, we opted instead for an energy storage solution developed by our partner Commeo. With its integrated boost function, it can support the charging process with buffered energy supplied from a total of 45 energy storage blocks. The additional power can significantly reduce the charging time of an electric vehicle. When no vehicles are present at the charging station, the batteries are recharged with energy from the public grid. 

The smart energy storage blocks, which are based on lithium-ion technology, are housed in an outdoor enclosure supplied by Rittal. In this way, the climatic conditions remain optimal and the technology is not affected by the weather. In fact, if the batteries have to operate at temperatures that are either too low or too high, the storage will be affected. 

The charging station we built in Wallenhorst is an example of how this technology makes fast charging possible, even if the grid connection power is actually insufficient for this purpose.  

Schnellladen an unserer neuen e-station in Wallenhorst

Fast charging at our new electric charging station in Wallenhorst | Photo: Rittal GmbH & Co. KG

Weatherproof and temperature-controlled in a Rittal enclosure, the Commeo battery storage systems provide the electricity required. | Photo: Rittal GmbH & Co. KG

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