Cleverly packaged - smartly produced

With the kinetic 3-axis system that automatically places cardboard sleeves into filling machines, we have succeeded – in the truest sense of the word – in developing a groundbreaking solution. In collaboration with the Swiss company SIG, a leading supplier of aseptic packaging and filling machines, our colleagues in Bremen have developed a fully automated system that allows companies in the food and beverage industry to increase workflow effectiveness and, at the same time, reduce manual labour costs.

The sleeve warehouse can accommodate two EUR-pallets or industrial pallets and is designed in such a way that it automatically removes the outer cartons with the packaging sleeves from the pallet, opens them and then inserts the packaging into the filling machine. In this way, several machines can be operated at the same time, requiring just one machine operator. Moreover, it can be operated continuously for up to two and a half hours without having to change a pallet or without even having to press and bundle empty shipping boxes.

Smart packaging solutions