Esther Eriksen



I am Esther Eriksen and I am doing a dual degree to become an industrial engineer and a mechatronic.

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Why did you decide for this dual vocational training?

I have always very much liked manual and technical activities, so I wanted to go this way also for my professional career. An apprenticeship as a mechatronic and a degree as an industrial engineer was the perfect combination to me.  What fascinates me is being a “theoretical engineer” but also learning the practical aspects of this profession.  I have gained great respect for manual workers who are active in the service area or on a building site.

How is this training articulated and which degree will you get?

In the first year, I travelled quite a lot as part of my operational assignments to assembly and building sites. I got a lot of insight into the different departments. During my degree course, I am learning all the necessary technical basics. From physics and maths through to electrical technology and construction - everything is there. In the meantime, I have still some lectures to attend. After my degree course, I will be a “Bachelor of Engineering, i.e. an engineer.

Which prerequisites should be met to apply for this degree/vocational training?

The training and the degree course are very demanding, so a good school-leaving exam would be an advantage.  Leisure time as a dual student is really restricted and the study load is high. Actually, there are no semester holidays, because when there are no lectures at university, we work in the company.

Why did you decide to work for SCHULZ?

Schulz is a family company, you see the boss in the hallway or in the canteen, that is very nice. Schulz is famous for innovation in the region.

What is SCHULZ like as an employer? What is the work environment like? 

Communication is easy, the doors to the offices are (nearly) always open.  What I really like is that:  I was allowed to go on a business trip abroad and managed to introduce a cost-effective idea into a project, which was also implemented. This makes me very proud.